This time, rescuers will be investors and depositors, who had never thought that their money is nowhere less secure and vulnerable as it is in bank accounts – thoughts on financial repression THE THIRD PHASE With the crisis evolving towards the next stage, both the states and the banks will be among those in need […]


European banks were speculating at the expense of their counterparts in Cyprus, with money borrowed from the ECB at close to zero rates – when their dirty game was finally coming to an end, they managed to secure the necessary time to avoid a loss, with the help of the ECB.       ‘’The cold blooded rape […]


In subsequent negotiations, the IMF will be sitting on the one side of the table, in support of lenders, while the Cyprus government will be sitting on the other side of it, unfortunately with no one backing it: neither its citizens, nor Europe and Russia. ’’After the battle of Crete in the second World War, […]

TWIN EXPLOSION: The Current Debt System has Reached it’s Expiration Date (Part 2)

THE DOMINANCE OF CARTELS AND BANKS IN EUROPE The budget deficits of European countries have increased 8-fold in 2010, compared with 2007, reaching     -581 Billion Euros, from -60 Billion Euros previously. Of these, -360 Billion Euros are attributed to the five most dangerous «countries of the South», which quadrupled their deficits in just three years. […]