TWIN EXPLOSION: The Current Debt System has Reached it’s Expiration Date

At the end of the millennium, a perfect convergence took place between the forces responsible for today’s looming storm: Indebtedness, the rise of neoliberalism, the collapse of communism, the information revolution, globalization and the «liberation» of the banking beast. Surplus countries of the Euro-zone do not seem willing to either limit their excessive surpluses (by […]

The Looming Storm

While governments and the media are trying to convince the greater public that the crisis has finally come to an end, objective analysis of the data, suggest that current economic and political difficulties are just the beginning. Western central banks are flooding the commercial banks with money, though without any effect on global growth – […]

The Advent of Berlin (Part 2 of 2)

NEO-MERCANTILISM Mercantilism was ultimately rejected by the liberal and British Adam Smith, who also refused to wade into monetary policy – believing that products, people and institutions constitute the foundations, on which general well-being can be built on peacefully, and under conditions of freedom and democracy. However, many economists believed that mercantilism, in some cases, […]

The Advent of Berlin (Part 1 of 2)

The escalation of the war, the correlation of forces, neo-mercantilism, the zero-sum policy, the sustainability of public debt, Greece’s negotiation capabilities, and the currently available solutions for Greece ‘’In broad terms, the swift attack against a nation and the instantaneous prevalence, keeps the environment under control and paralyzes or overwhelms the opponent’s senses, affecting one’s […]